Bent Denim - Diamond Jubilee

Bent Denim Keep It Short and Wistfully Sweet on ‘Diamond Jubilee’

When I featured their track ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ a couple of weeks ago, I complimented Bent Denim’s knack for short, lightly electronic balladry. On their new EP Diamond Jubilee, the band nail this trick five times in a row. Despite its brevity – the EP has five tracks but it’s only about twelve minutes long – Diamond Jubilee contains a lot of fantastic music.

All of the tracks are under three minutes in length but it never feels like Bent Denim are short on ideas. The tracks are fleetingly beautiful and concise. There’s barely a second of filler or build-up – just packed with airy, lonesome production. It’s an interesting take on the usual indie-rock formula which (as the cover suggests) makes the EP feel like a dreamy journey.

Diamond Jubilee was released on May 12th. You can also download it from their Bandcamp on a name-your-own-price basis (don’t be a miser!)

Essential Tracks: ‘All My Friends are Dead’, ‘Miss You, Kid’ and ‘False Leads to Dead Ends’

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